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Thursday, April 2, 2015
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Google Ad Planner Opens Doors, Adds Features

Tuesday, November 11, 2008, 16:04
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Just about every Internet marketer will ask the same question sooner or later: “Which websites attract my target customers?”  Google Ad Planner aims to supply you all with answers; the tool’s even got a different phrasing of the original query posted on its homepage.

Granted, Ad Planner‘s been around for a while, but this week marks its exit from an invitation-only stage of beta testing.  Anyone and everyone with a Google account can now access the thing for free.

Some other changes have also taken place.  On the Inside AdWords blog, Amanda Kelly notes, “[W]e’ve enhanced Google Ad Planner to support search queries and geo-targeting.  For example, now you can find video game enthusiasts based on their likeliness to search for keywords such as ‘video games’ or ‘video game codes.’  You can also drill-down to specific states or metros (region or cities in geographies outside the US).”

Then there are three fresh site ranking methods, and a type of display known as the “interactive bubble chart” that’s both cool and useful.

It’s hard to imagine that any person or company is able to supply much better online marketing suggestions than Google.  Give Ad Planner a try if you get the chance, and just see if you don’t like the suggestions it provides.

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